Ella's Desktops II
The following is a listing of desktops made by Ella for private use by members of Coscolluela.com. To set an image for your desktop, click on the desired thumbnail. This will bring up a pop-up window of the image in 1024x768 resolution. Then right click on the image and select 'Set Image as Wallpaper'. This will make the chosen image your personal computer's desktop. Enjoy and remember, half the fun is finding out where to put the icons.
NIN Desktop: nin: Closer
Brief Description: Another early desktop, this one features Nine Inch Nail frontman Trent Reznor and plenty of recessed text (a favorite technique of Ella's).
PillForm Desktop: Last Flowers Till Hospital
Brief Description: The image at the top of this desktop was an actual scan created by Ella in her own computer room. Its original purpose was for a pet project of hers (a zine entitled "Last Flowers Till Hospital"). The text that follows underneath are the lyrics to one of Ella's favorite Radiohead song "True Love Waits". Of all of the desktops she has create, 'Last Flowers Till Hospital' is Ella's most meaningful.
PJ Harvey Desktop: The Beauty of Her...
Brief Description: A desktop of British singer/songwriter Polly Jane Harvey that features the lyrics of one of PJ Harvey's songs "Electric Light" from her latest album, Is This Desire?.
Radiohead1 Desktop: radiohead VIII
Brief Description: This (as well as the next two desktops) are part of a Radiohead series featuring the same images of lead singer Thom Yorke in different contexts.
Radiohead2 Desktop: radiohead IX
Brief Description: A variation of the Radiohead desktops above and below.
Radiohead3 Desktop: radiohead X
Brief Description: Another variation of the Radiohead desktops above.
Simple Life Desktop: A Simple (Selfish) Kind of Life
Brief Description: The photograph featured on this desktop was taken from an online photography black book website. This desktop also has examples of recessed text and blurring. The text samples are lines from a No Doubt song "Simple Kind of Life".
Suede Desktop: The London Suede
Brief Description: The London Suede (the group of men pictured on the desktop) is a UK band Ella decided to use in a desktop due to the line from one of their songs: "And the snow might fall and write the lines on the silent page/But you're outside making permanent love to the nuclear age..."

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