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One of the cutting edge FLASH sites on the Internet by Joshua Davis.

The Truth
A website run by teens about big tobacco.

Hello to everyone!

Welcome to version 2 of COSCOLLUELA.COM. Thanks to the efforts of eekDesign, we now have a modern and improved website. This new site was designed with two major goals: 1) easy contents update and 2) easy exchange of information within the family. Everyone is encouraged to regularly visit this site and to contribute anything that you want to share. Please register so that you can fully participate.

For starters, everybody would like to hear about Edwin's exotic plans, Jobi's turo-turo, Pogi's computer shop, Vincent's poems, Andrew's travel plans, Ruben's model car business, Donna's boyfriend, Tatay's smoking, Valentin's jokes, Einna and Edriennes 's essays and Steve's house plans. Submit photographs, written text, and audio files - just go to the secure section of the site. It is easy.

Gilian Luin P. Coscolluela
Gilian Luin P.
Sep 9
Nestee Bautista
Sep 25
Ella Y. Coscolluea
Sep 28
Gina Abundo

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