by ella.

for arden.

allow me this much
to decipher the nature of your skin
stretched over the bends of your arms
the protrusions of your shoulder blades
--the sweet sinew of your tempered hands.
it runs along my wrists
like porcelain skeins of silk
--smoldering with the heat of your veins
my humbled hands
--draped gingerly along the nape of your neck
that curves curves curves like the branch
that bent the apple
towards the dewy fingertips of eve.

allow me to soothe the silent fury of your eyes
that flitter with such unabated passion
across my face
--suddenly obscured by the edges of my hands.
with timid longing--i speak--
the length of my pauses deceiving me
my words fitfully inadequate
against the poetry of your body.

allow me passage to your voice
that measures to an uncertain rythmn
delivered with sullen breath
as your curl into me like an insect
a dragonfly slowly deconstructing her wings
into panes of paper-thin sugar water.

allow me this touch--this kiss
placed upon the length of your shoulder
to convey the intricate eloquence
you construct in me.

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