the divinity of us
by ella.

for joshua.

fate has one again
displaced me into your bed
and beneath these uncertain hands
that search out the altogether silence behind my eyes;
we are punctuated with giggles--
testimony to our own unabated truth.

i cannot read the blacks of your pupils
that expand
with each stoke,
revealing the deep of you;
with genuine fumbling ectasy
you murmur
towards the core of my butterfly heart
that trembles beneath you

you refuse to avert your gaze from me--
your lids fluttering like the wings of reluctant doves
as we lie
cooing and unrelenting;
we deconstruct our sin with hands intertwined
pressed up against the arch of my back and
your breath dissolves into my skin
as you unfold me
as tenderly as the snow.

we slowly darken into forgiving silence.
my conscience kisses you--

the divinty of us continues-- uncorrected.

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