by Einna Coscolluela
despair came to me one evening
cloaked in night's dark embrace
he gently tapped on my window
i heard your thoughts, he said
thoughts of me
every night, your voice would call out my name
why, he asked
tell me
so i did
you fascinate me. i hate you…and yet i need you.
it is a contradiction
and yet you understand, he said
sometimes. and then it is not so much of a
contradiction anymore
it is enough
do you love?
there is someone. he is very special to me
despair gave me a sad smile, took my hand
with him i feel the deepest joy, the deepest pain.
it is a contradiction…like you
and even here you understand, he said
i love him. it is all i know
it is all that matters. you don't need me anymore
that is a lie. i do need you. maybe not as much
as before, but sometimes. when i am alone…
i understand, he said. and then i will come
i am glad
he took me in his arms, held me close
i closed my eyes, breathed him in
always a contradiction
but not really
do you really hate me, he asked
i looked into his eyes
so much sorrow. so much compassion.
i could not lie. not to him
you take away so much, yet you give so much more.
no, I do not hate you. you are who you are.
it is meant to be
i am glad. now close your eyes
are you going to leave me?
yes, he said. but not forever.
now do as you were told
i closed my eyes
a lifetime passed
an eternity
his lips touched mine
a kiss so light, so gentle, it almost didn't happen
a sigh that seemed to come from the soul
a single teardrop
i am going to miss you, he whispered
the slightest of breezes
the echo of a touch
i opened my eyes
but not really
he understood
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