Family Trees
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Coscolluela Family
Bautista Family
The Whole Tree

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Eileene Coscolluela
Ella Coscolluela

Kristina Kim Coscolluela Rodriguez
Kristina Kim Coscolluela RodriguezBorn and raised in the city of Manila, Philippines, I arrived on the shores of New York in the year 1994. Now fully acclimated to American culture, I wake up to the steady humming comfort of my computer, eat a continuous supply of Taco Bell's steak supreme chalupas, snore through derivatives and loop algorithms at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, take my daily fix of anything with rice, call Ron, write back all of the twenty thousand outdated and meaningless e-mails, run out of things to occupy procrastination time, finally do productive work passionately in the wee hours of the morning, and sleep to the sweet humming of my computer life line.

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